Friday, October 5, 2012

10/5 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day:  This morning, I went to the massage school for a Swedish massage.  Then, I popped into Kroger right next door and purchased a few "manager's special" items for this weekend and of course - I picked up my free pound of shredded cheese with the coupon Kroger sent me.  When I got home, my husband and I headed out for a lunch date at a diner with our Groupon.  When we got home, I picked the last 2 okra, browned some corn, okra, vegetarian crumbles, etc. from the fridge - added to the vegetable broth I made earlier - and now we have a hearty soup cooking in the crockpot.  I also have some macaroni boiling - and plan to make some mac 'n cheese.  To use up bread in the freezer - I am making a nice bread pudding.  In the mail, I got my Everyday with Rachel Ray (freebie through Recyclebank) and a rebate check.  I've got no complaints there :)  Then, we got a notice that our condo HOA meeting is next month.  We've gone to 1 - in all the years of ownership - they have a wonderful seafood buffet - but the meeting itself is a bit zzzzz.  But anyway, since we need to replenish some inventory (already purchased/gathered), and are still awaiting the results of the evaluation to determine what repairs we may need to make - we have decided to attend the HOA meeting since the condo is open that day.  However, we have guests in the condo the night before, so, since I recently got my Marriott Visa Card, I had a certificate for one night free - and the certificate expires in a couple of months.  So, we will be staying at the Marriott the night before.  So, free breakfast and lunch that day :)  what could be more frugal.  We have 2 Redbox DVDs to watch - one was free from McDonald's Monopoly.  The weather is very comfortable - so comfortable, that my husband and I took a walk around the neighborhood for a bit of exercise.  I plan to go to hot yoga this evening as my trial pass expires Monday - but a new hot yoga place has opened up and they have a trial pass too.  It is a lot closer to me.  Here's to health improvement whatever way it can be achieved :)

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