Saturday, October 13, 2012

10/13 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day:  Well, the results of our condo inspection have been uploaded.  And while there are no snively suggestions - like move the dining table to align with the overhead light fixture, there is one major one - replace the cabinets in the kitchen and the bathroom.  So, I have been researching alternatives - because "A", the cabinets are in good condition - even if a bit outdated, and they aren't bad enough to bother us.  So, I have e-mailed a contractor for a quote on "refacing" the cabinets.  I have looked at ordering cabinet doors to reface the cabinets ourselves - windsor cabinet doors - and others, and I have looked at peel and stick wood/veneer options.  I do not want to replace the countertops as we just had those replaced about 2 years ago.  I have savings goals for the end of the year - uh, I'd like to retire as soon as I can - and college expenses may crop up.  So, I will wait to see what the contractor's quote is, plus we will call the bldg manager to find out what other's have done - and go from there.  It has done well this year so far in rentals - it actually slightly surpassed last year - which was a banner year.  So, that is my research project of the week.  We are awaiting for the foreclosure property's tax commissioner to refund our overpayment - can you tell, they are taking their sweet time since they won't be paying us interest - but if we owe, we have to pay interest - why is that.  I think they should have to pay interest to keep them honest.  Okay, off my soap box, anyway, I am hoping we can reface, resurface the cabinets for the refund amount.  That is my goal.
UPDATE:  I stopped at Rite Aid - my 20% sadly does NOT apply to gift cards.  Mail was great though.  I received coupons from Kroger - free Suave bodywash, and a bunch of $X off $X coupons - like $4 off of $15 spent on XXX.  So, I will be combining those for the best deal.  Also got local coupons and a freebie magazine.

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