Sunday, October 7, 2012

10/7 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day:  Pictured is my "monkey" rug.  I love the tiled kitchen floor - but I am not a fan of the cold.  So, since the shelf liner I was using as a rug (before that - a yoga mat) would not stay "down" and would get stuck to my feet while I was loading dishes in the dishwasher, I took an old t-shirt my daughter can no longer wear - and now it is a part of my washable rub.  I also have a bunch of orange piping from ages ago - that I purchased for next to nothing - so, thought I might as well use it up too.  Next, pj bottoms that are warm for the winter.  The weather seems to be turning cold quickly this year.  So, I have a fleece blanket I got for free from my credit union, some fleece fabric I inherited from my mom's stash - so, I almost have 1 pair of pants cut out.  With the leftover, I have a pattern for a doggie coat.  So, I will several sewing projects to keep me busy this week.  I am off tomorrow, so, I will continue to sew, do a bit of cleaning, and give myself a manicure.  I want to continue to declutter and get projects done.  My husband made a trip to Rite Aid - on his way to return the dvds that we rented.  Anyway, for pretty much no additional $ out, he was able to get a bottle of baby oil, witch hazel, and a Therma-care back strip.  With the in ad coupon - the Therma Care was free, we had $4 in UP bucks that were loaded on the card from last week's purchase and I gave my husband my discounted Rite Aid gift card.  The amount he charged to the gift card was just over $2 - and I believe my discount on that card was just over that amount.  The witch hazel is for my daughter - a cheap astringent.  I wanted the baby oil to mix with the peppermint extract that I used to massage into my dry feet.  It feels and smells pretty nice.  I put the concoction in a small spray bottle that I recycled.  This will be a really short work week for me - well my out-of-the home job anyway.  I have plenty of work to do around here.

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