Saturday, October 6, 2012

10/6 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day:  Today was a nice mail day.  Notification that rent from one property was paid early :)  I am on track to meet our savings goal for the end of the year.  Of course there's three months left.  After my daughter and I attended our hot yoga class, we stopped by Aldi for a few produce items.  We had a nice lunch at home.  Then we headed to self-service yogurt bar with our Groupon - and spent nothing extra out of pocket there.  We stopped at TJ Maxx and my husband and daughter got a few items to supplement their winter clothes wardrobe.  We used the TJ Maxx gift card I had purchased at a discount.  Then we headed to Homegoods - and spent the rest of the giftcard plus just over $1 - mainly on food/spice items.  Then to Earthfare - we each did the $5 deal for 5 breakfast items.  Natural eggs, almond milk, granola, a breakfast bar, and orange juice.  Definitely a great deal.  My husband signed up for his own account - so, he got a coupon for a free natural chicken with an additional $10 purchase.  He purchased some desserts with pumpkin in them, and a few deli items for the vegetarian.  We stopped at Publix and got another $1 movie to watch, and I spent the $1.60 on my rebate giftcard for a dessert at Publix - .32 out of pocket.  Then I helped my daughter upcycle a leopard print vintage shirt.  The only thing we did was take the shoulder pads out - so, another fashionable item to add to her winter wardrobe.

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