Thursday, October 4, 2012

10/4 Expressions

Whoot - long weekend for me.  I was planning to take a quick drive to the condo - but someone beat us to it.  Extra rental income won't hurt.  Now I need to come up with plan b.  That will be going to the condo next month when the owner's meeting is held.  Free seafood buffet after listening to some zzzz stuff.  Of course, DD now thinks it is interesting.  Today, I cut up an old t-shirt and will sew it to some shelf lining to make a "rug" fo the kitchen.  Tomorrow, I head to the massage school for a massage.  I thought I had an appointment at the beauty school too - but alas - that is not until next week.  I want to get in a few yoga classes because my unlimited pass runs out on Monday.  I will need to decide if I want to try another school - or just take walks - now that it seems too cold for the mosquitos to swarm.  I may sew my daughter something this weekend  - just for fun.  It will keep my hands busy - and possibly keep her from getting he urge to buy clothes.  I am hoping my husband will help me pick-out some wood laminate or engineered wood for some of the upstair rooms from Lowes since I have a 10% coupon.

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