Monday, June 20, 2011

6/20 Expressions

We have a closing date for the house - July 6th.  The tax value of the property is $122K, the listing agent had it listed for $79,900.  I checked the county records and saw the bank purchased the property back for $68,750.  So, that was our first offer.  Realtor countered with $74,900.  So, we countered with $70,000 as our final offer.  Realtor came back with $73,900.  We rejected the offer and said our final was our final.  And the realtor asked if he could sit on our offer.  We asked our agent for a showing for a few more homes and this past Sunday afternoon, they accepted the offer.  There are a lot of lemons in the foreclosure market.  This one was well kept - except, all of the appliances are gone.  Also, we do not like carpeting in general - and while the carpeting is okay - we will be getting rid of it.  It is a Rancher with just under 1,300 sq ft.  A double car garage and a covered porch.  The lot size is .20 acres.  My daughter and I are off to the food tasting and charity auction.  Oh, in the mail we got a tax refund from the Feds?  We paid this year - but, we will take it.  I also got a coupon for the Tide Stain Release - thought it was for a freebie - it is for $2 off. 

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