Sunday, November 13, 2011

11/13 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day:  I had $8 in my wallet today.  The only "bad" thing about Aldi is that they take cash or debit cards.  I don't do debit cards - and rarely carry around cash.  So, for under $8 today - I got 2 lbs of unsalted butter, 2 bricks of low fat cream cheese, 2 lbs of pears, and almost 2 lbs of bananas.  I would have picked-up a few more things - had I had the cash.  Today, I cooked with what I had.  We had a nice breakfast and an Asian themed lunch with leftover - egg rolls and fried rice.  We stopped at Aldi before picking the dog up from my dad's.  We took 1/2 of the apple pie I baked earlier, some egg rolls and rice, and the frozen lasagna I made earlier this week.  He seemed pretty pleased with the haul.  After we got the dog home and gave her a bath, we went to Kroger and finished out shopping.  Kroger is now my favorite place for finding goodies from the Manager Special.  We are going to make a quick stop at Ulta - we got our rewards certificate, pick-up a book at B&N (and may be some coffee :)  and Victoria's Secret is having an event with goodies for their "Pink" line.  Did I mention we also stopped at CVS today - and did the buy $30 of certain items and get a $10 gift card - I did, used a bunch of coupons - and got what we needed/wanted.  Also did the buy $10 in Suave and get $3 in extra bucks which I applied to the $30 order.  Lastg night, I used a sample of shampoo - I was totally out - now I should have enough to last me through the year.  Oh, and I rolled another $10 to deposit at the bank.

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