Saturday, November 5, 2011

11/5 Expressions

Sometimes you don't fully appreciate something until it goes missing.  Pictured above is breakfast I cook today.  I am in post repair/renovation clean-up mode - although clean-up has not really started yet.  I wanted to do some grocery maintenance - and since I had a bit of olive oil, boiled red potatoes, 1/2 a red onion in the fridge and a bunch of eggs, that was breakfast.  Just before typing this post - I got an automated call from Chase Freedom - my card number had been compromised.  Someone charged $29.99 at "friendfinders" . . . so, that charge will be removed, my account closed - and a new card will be sent to me.  My crockpotted chicken leg quarters are cooling in fridge - and then I will remove the fat.  Then I plan to make a soup in the crockpot.  Before baking the pumpkin in the oven to make puree and roasted pumpkin seeds, I am going to look for something else to bake to utilize as much heat as possible.  Also, it is cold this morning, the heat will be much appreciated by all :)  I place an orde at Office Max that was $0 out of pocket after rewards.  My husband is in Office Max at his location now to buy a printer.  He waitied quite a while to get one - he bought an ink efficient one today.

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