Saturday, November 19, 2011

11/19 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day:  Mailbag:  my daughter and I each received a free subscription magazine - mine was Woman's Day.  I forgot to mention, yesterday I received a coupon for a free Schick Razor and $2 off a refill - the free razor was up to $10.XX.  We decided to do our shopping today without eating lunch.  First stop, Publix to get a few good deals - and we got to taste white turkey chili and a turkey salad (today's theme was how to use up leftover turkey).  Then to Wal-mart - mainly to gas-up the car, but also to pick-up a few more good deals - and we ended up getting a free slice of red velvet cake, coffee, and crackers with cheese.  Then to Kroger - jackpot on organic veggies - big tub of organic spring mix $2, small tub of organic baby spinach $1, and veggie tray $2.  We got a few more items - but we are pretty much set for thanksgiving lunch/dinner and leftovers.  We brought those items home and then headed to Starbucks.  From 2PM-5PM - the holiday drinks are BOGO - and we got a large bag of coffee grounds - my compost should be wonderful next year.  We hit a few stores and then to the store with our freebies - we picked-up freebie eye shadow at Ulta, freebie small ice cream cone at Maggie Moos - and I went ahead and purchased a $20 giftcard and got 2 VIP cards for a free cone or cup - smalls are $3.99 plus tax - so, that was a good deal.  I can give the $20 card away for a holiday gift.  We also picked up my daughter's book at Barnes and Noble - I ended up getting the $100 gift card and getting the $10 promo card - and ended up extending our membership.  What's left on that card will be my husband's gift since he has a nook.  Oh, but I spent some of that card - I got 10 bags of Godiva truffles on 75% off sale plus another 10% off for the membership - so they were $1.12 per bag plus tax.  My daughter will take a few bags to school to share with her friends as a pre-thanksgiving treat - the rest will go toward holiday gifts and indulgances by a few family members.  Tomorrow afternoon, we plan to get some leaves raked as I am sure the HOA police will be making their rounds shortly.

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