Saturday, November 5, 2011

More 11/5 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day:  Pictured are the grape? tomatoes from my garden.  I am going to leave them in the window sill this week and hope I can add them to a salad sometime this week.  In the crockpot - I have a big batch of soup cooking - chicken broth, chicken bits, onion, cabbage, last of my organic carrots, a bit of pumpkin puree, a little bit of left over mashed potatoes/gravy from KFC, left over herbs from a bread dipping kit, and a bit of frozen seafood chowder.  I have another 8 sandwich bags of pumpkin puree.  The roasted seeds are gone - yum.  I also have a lasagna in the freezer - used up goat cheese and other cheeses etc.  I also baked 8 chuck burger patties and froze them.  I made chuck burger crumbles and froze them in 2 sandwich bags for quick meals.  I got a family sized package of chuck burger for $2.39 with the chicken I purchased.  My daughter and I had a yummy chicken salad sandwich for lunch with the chicken, leftover arugala (organic for $1 a tub last week) - on wheat bread.  We also had cake mix cookies (strawberry) with white chocolate morsels - we need snacks :)  Most of them are in the freezer - because they are delicious.  Very easy too.  I have pumpkin custard cooling now.  I have 2 bags of puree in the fridge - I plan to buy some oranges - and make pumpkin/orange muffins from another recipe I found.  We got some cleaning done -need to do a lot more.  But, we are heading to the thriftstore to see if they are having their 50% off sale and to see if we can get a few more inventory items knocked off our condo missing items list :(  We also plan to go to Barnes and Noble to get a book for 50% off and some coffee - I have a gift card and membership card.  We are also going to have a light dinner at PF Changs - Happy Hour Specials - I have a gift card and a Warrior card that will get another 10% off.  Will probably stop at Victoria Secrets to get a few more free pairs of panties.  Will stop at Wal-mart to use up last of the gift card to gas-up.  I also plan to finish out my grocery shopping for this week.  I am going to try to stay with $50 - and still eat healthy for the 2, 3 of us.  I have a $5 off $30 Aldi coupon.  Also, in the mail today, I got some Kroger coupons - including one for a free dozen of eggs.  I also got a free sample/coupon of feminine products.

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