Monday, November 14, 2011

More 11/14 Expressions

I ended up taking the load of clothes to the dry cleaners - she charged me $0.  Maybe since I was a new customer.  I was going to get my hair trimmed - both schools are closed on Mondays - so, I stopped at the Dollar Tree and purchased $1 hair cutting scissors - and will be doing the cut myself.  I also ended up donating a buck for the "Operation Homefront" cause - but the toys to choose from were sure junky - I ended up picking the matchbox car.  I also got 2 greeting cards - one for the neighbor - moving to a new home - and one general since they are 2 for $1.  Also got a loaf of Nature's Own Wheat 40 cal per slice bread.  Then to Earthfare to get the $25 giftcard for the neighbors.  Then to Aldi - funny - when you set a cash limit - seems I spend that much.  I had in my mind $10 (I went to the bank earlier - and had a wonderful cup of coffee while I waited for the cashier to be freed-up).  I spent $9.XX - got carrots, onions, graham crackers, pitted dates, sour cream, brown sugar - I think that was it.  I have what I need to round out lunch snacks, make pumpkin cheesecakes, and try-out the curry (from a box) recipe.  I also decided to stop at Kroger to see if there were any great Manager's Specials - sure were.  There was a 5 pack of Sirloin Strip Steaks orginially $28.XX fir $12.XX,  Back in the day - we would eat 1 each or so.  Now, 1 serves 3 - so, that will go a long way.  Yes - much healthier getting portion control and more veggies in the diet.  I also got 1/2 priced brie and it has a rebate form on it - so "free".  I also got 3 marked down Greek yogurts from the organics section.  Now more grocery shopping this week.  Now, I need to get cooking :)  It is nice to have a day to myself :)  Oh, did I mention that my husband now loads up his car with boxes from the garage and spare bedroom.  Since he does not come home every weekend, he has taken upon himself to help with the declutter by going through the boxes and getting rid of stuff - mostly old papers that are no longer necessary to store.  If he finds a treasure, that's good too.  Something in between will get donated, or sold at the next yardsale.  Added:  the realtor just called - vacant property now has an approved tenant - although they won't be moving in until Dec 17.  Mail came - I got my ebates check :)  I ordered a Lowes giftcard - we are always needing something from there - used my mystery shopping $.  We will probably do some cabinet staining over the holidays.  The curry turned out wonderfully.  The only progress I 've made toward the pies - found a covered pie plate that I made many years ago in ceramics class.  Also, found a tart plate I got at a yardsale - now, need to wash them and get going on the pies.

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