Tuesday, November 15, 2011

11/15 Expressions

Today was day full of errands - and not all of them were frugal :(  Well, I picked up my dry cleaning - where I had remitted my Groupon coupon - well, I still owed $28.50.  Won't be going there anymore - my $2.XX cleaners (where I have discount coupons) is a much better deal.  No wonder they don't get much business.  I mailed my daughter's half.com item and met the contractors about fixing the nicks in the granite.  They will be calling to schedule an appointment.  Today, I printed out a coupon for a pair of sunglasses free from Sears - supposedly a $99.99 value . . . sounds like a very nice freebie.  Tomorrow, I will be attending a retirement seminar - I need to learn all of the rules.  Supposedly, we will also learn about our options for long-term care, etc.  I stayed up too late yakking with a retired former co-worker - I sure envy her.

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