Monday, November 7, 2011

11/7 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day:  My daughter is under-the-weather today - so, she is staying home.  I am staying home with her since I took her to a doctor's appointment and the contractor's were suppose to be here first thing in the morning to do their clean-up work:  mainly, they did not attach the dryer vent - so, moisture and lint blows into the house, they left residue on on the granite counters, did not repaint the trim to cover the paint drips they made - there is a list of about 10 things.  I know they are thinking I went to work and they want to be here when "I get home" so they can get their final check.  Sure hope they know how much they have to and have the supplies to fix it all.  Fed-ex came this morning with my Chase credit card replacement - that was fast.  Pictured above, along with the few little tomatoes I found earlier - I have added some Muscadine grapes that have not ripened that I found today - pretty nifty for a new plant.  Hopefully they will ripen together in the window sill and I can add them to a chicken salad sandwich.  Also, since I have some time today - I finished my seat cover - the one that was ripped - and I started working on it months ago.  Sadly, I am not sure where the black piping went - so, I used the orange remanent I have had for a gazzillion years.  My husband will have to staple it to the wooden bottom to get the "finished" look and also touch it up with some stain - and it will be the chair for the built in desk.  I also plan to sew a curtain with leftover fabric for the kitchen door.  We were going to give the kitchen a deep cleaning this weekend - but since the dryer vent spread lint all over the place - and the messy contractors are suppose to be back today - my daughter and I did the minimum.  So, DIY and using leftovers can be very frugal.

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