Saturday, February 11, 2012

1/11 Expressions

PUREX Triple Action Laundry Detergent Coupon Winners are:  Tracey, Lauara, and Mimi!  You have an e-mail - please respond and I will get your coupon in the mail!

Frugal deeds for the day:  Just had my hair done at the beauty school - and they had a flyer out for a "Princess" for a day for my daughter and her friend's age group.  $25 for 2 people and all of the money goes to charity.  They will get a facial, hair put in an "up do", and a mani-pedi.  What a deal :)  I headed to Publix and used a gob of coupons - haven't done that in ages.  So, my grocery bill was $38 - and I saved more than $38,  I got 10 Morningstar Farms products for the vegetarian in the family, rotisserie chicken for the spoiled puppy, etc.  Combined Kroger coupons, manufacturers coupons, and a $5 off $50 coupon from the school coupon booklet :)  Oh, we sold our listing on Amazon.Com - how fast was that?  Oh, and my husband is finally getting on board with looking for great deals!  He has gotten over his shyness about using coupons, etc.  Anyway, he took the dog for her hair appointment (with discounted giftcard) - and a new men's barbershop was open - sports theme - and new concept.  He got his hair cut clean - and since that was his first visit - he got the "MVP" package for free.  He got to watch ESPN while getting his hair-cut, then they gave him a massage (chair), and a "facial" - hot towel and some kind of "cream".  Very proud of him - of course he did pay a tip.  He looks pretty handsome - and we will be going out for our Valentines dinner shortly with the 1/2 priced gift certificate.  Oh, and I got my emigrantdirect credit card - need to use it once so I can get my $200 :)  Money magnet day today :)

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