Saturday, February 25, 2012

2/25 Expressions

The lake, the beach, and some cactus.  Pictured above are some scenes my daughter took with her new camera. (Sorry, the "system" would not upload all 3 pictures).  We live near a "lake" - some would call it a large pond.  But, we have some ducks, turtles, and fish that provide entertainment.  Usually in the summer, if we have leftover bread, we take it to the ducks - and the fish, I am sure.  The beach is where our condo is - and she took a neat shot of the sunsetting.  The cactus is what our neighbors brought to us when they moved - a nice reminder of them.  They were always taking care of plants.  As for frugal deeds today, unfrugal, we stopped for Starbucks - but frugal, we got a very large bag of grounds.  I sure hope I have a wonderful and abundant garden this year that I can attribute to the grounds.  We also went to the dentist and my daughter got her teeth cleaned - so of course, we got free toothpaste, a toothbrush, and floss - and bleach since we are both under the lifetime whitening plan.  Then we went to Lowes.  I was going to use the $20 off $100 coupon and my discounted gift certificate planter boxes.  Instead, we got a new toilet for her bathroom - might as well change it out when we get the Bath Fitters to "remodel" the tub/shower area.    So, I still have about $20 left on my giftcard.  I also made a mystery soup in the crockpot.  In an attempt to free up freezer space and reclaim some of my containers, I decided to dump the contents in the crockpot.  The soup turned out pretty good - fortunately, it was a mix of 3 soups and curry - so, they blended well.  Right now, in the oven, I have "apple turnovers" - I used croissant dough and put some of my defrosted apple crisp in the dough and baked them with some sweet potatoes.  The weather has been so odd, we were too "hot" the other evening - and this morning, coat weather cold.  So, having the items in the oven will be much appreciated by heating system.

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