Sunday, February 19, 2012

2/19 Expressions

Pictured above is the metal artwork I picked up at the consignment store for just over $12, including tax and after the $4.XX credit we had.  My husband hanged it in our masterbath - it adds a bit of interest to the wall.  Now I just need to find some votives - I am sure I have some from some great deal at Bath and Body Works/Candle Barn.  Yesterday, I finally signed up for the credit card offer from Bank of America - use the card and get $100.  So, when I get my crowns in a couple of weeks - that's what I will charge my portion on, get reimbursed through FSA - and earn 1 percent plus $100.  We stopped at Starbucks last night and got another large bag of coffee grounds.  Also stopped at Aldi and got a bunch of produce and baking ingredients - just over $16.  For lunch today, we invited my father over.  I put the ham I purchased during the holiday season with a rebate in the crockpot with some mustard/brown sugar.  Side dishes included spinach salad (remember the $1 tub of organic baby spinach), apple crumble (before the apples went "bad"), guacamole to use up the .49 avacado and some fresh salsa, and scalloped potatoes (from a box).  While those things baked, I also put the sweet potatoes in the oven, and roasted some red/orange/yellow peppers from Aldi for meals later this week.  Tonight there is a "party" going on at Victoria's Secret - door prizes, finger foods, and additional discounts.  Since tomorrow is a holiday, we may stop by.  I am trying to come up with another recycled project.  We have an old trunk type toy box - and an old seat cushion.  I am thinking of refurbishing them and putting them in the foyer to hold/hide shoes and a place to sit to put our shoes on.  I am thinking I just need to find some fabric to sew for a new seat cushion - and it will be ready to go.

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