Monday, May 21, 2012

5/21 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day:  Today, I went through the mail and almost threw out a credit card offer from Kroger.  May be I am a bit of a credit card snob - but their offers to date have not interested me.  $10 or $25 bonus - pffffft.  But this offer was $100 if I spent $200 in 30 days - 50% is not bad - and when I called to apply for it - they said another bonus is .25/gal of gas for the first 90 day usage of the card.  Yup, I bit - hook, line, and sinker especially since there is no annual feel - and I am sure I can spend that much in fuel and groceries in 30 days - of course as always - I will pay it off in full.  My daughter and I had a nice, cheap, and easy dinner.  Breakfast for dinner to be exact:  2 eggs over easy on a bed of baked potatoes/onion/lots of herbs and spices pan fried in olive oil.  Yum - and really filling too.  Today, I wore an entire outfit (okay - not underclothing or shoes) from the thrift store.  I doubt I paid more than $10 for the 3 pieces - and as a bonus - I got plenty of complements.  I did confide in one frugal-lite - that I got the outfit at the thriftstore and she was amazed.  She asked for the name of the place - so, I may now have some competition - not really - since I got enought to last a whole long time.  The other people, I just smiled and said thanks!

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