Friday, May 25, 2012

5/25 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the week:  This week flew by - and I really didn't blog much.  I did "frugal" things - but nothing really exciting . . . maybe that is what being frugal is about.  Just minding the money.  So, I minded it - but, in a way to have some "fun" . . . this week on Groupon, I purchased 2 1/2 priced mani-pedi certificates.  $40 for both.  I had been "Jonsing" for a pedi - now my daughter and can get one together.  I was talking with an office-mate - she did not get in on it in time.  We called and the earliest we could get in was Monday - Memorial Day.  Today, I finished out my BBQ shopping.  My dad is coming over on Sunday.  Today, I purchased more meat - 4 Angus sirloin steaks - discounted to just over $6 and I had a $1 off $6 coupon.  Also purchased some split chicken breast at .99/lb.  I purchased a bag of Vidalia onions for .69 a 2 lb bag at Aldi and a whole watermelon for $3.99.  I will be making potato salad, strawberry cobbler (a hit with my family - and I still have plenty of the .49/qt strawberries in the freezer).  I also plan to make several types of cookies - probably chocolate chip and peanut butter since I have the ingredients - and want to send some home with my dad.  I also have baked beans in the freezer.  And I have plenty of veggies - so maybe a green salad.  We also bought some veggie burgers for the vegetarian in the family.  So, this week, I went $10 over my grocery "budget" - but we should be able to cut back next week since we will have lots of leftovers - surely some of it will go into the freezer.  I also won some more coupons on Listia - 2 coupon for Rudi organic bread - any, and some more Vosko yogurt.  We love that Greek yogurt - but the price is pretty outrageous for some it - regular price that is.  I grab the "manager's special" price - the best I have found so far is .25 a cup - and free with coupon.  Tomorrow, my daughter will take a load of clothes to the consignment store.  They just expanded to take men's, girls, boys, teens.  I also hope to list more stuff on listia.  Want to get rid of stuff - and win more "consumable" items - like yogurt :)  Oh, and we got a few drips and drabs of money this week - sale of a book on and the sale of an item on  Oh yes, and my rosemary and thyme are thriving - had some today in a potato/onion fry earlier today - yum.  Oh, and one other thing - got several things in the mail this week that I need to follow-up on.  Class action lawsuit notices - Deepwater Horizon, Groupon, RCI, Tribune Stock, and I am thinking 1 more.  I need to fill-out some paperwork and maybe something will come of it . . . would be nice to add to the college fund.

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