Monday, May 7, 2012

5/7 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day:  Today in the mail - I got 2 items I "won" on Listia - no $ out of my pocket - the yarn - yea . . . and my necklace - already claimed by my daughter :)  I already mentioned my husband reserve our hotel accomodations for our trip to France - no money out of our pockets - and the first 5 nights - we get free breakfast, snacks, light meals, drinks throughout the day too - that makes me happy because we have most of the expensive ticket items taken care of.  We just need to plan our events.  Oh another "inclusive" - we each get to check in two pieces of luggage at no additional cost.  Remember - we are using British Airways miles (from the credit card deal last year) - but we had to pay $5XX for each ticket.  Most we have ever had to pay for a "free" ticket - but either way - it is still 1/3 of the price it would have been at the time.  We also got a point discount deal.  I would have to say the hotel points saved us the most.  We are booking 2 rooms per night - running between $750 - $1,000 per night per room - and I must say they are nice - but I sure wouldn't pay that kind of money.  The $1,000 per night hotel - we "earned" by signing up for a credit card also.  Please do not take this as advice.  It works for us - but, we pay off our credit cards, yada, yada, yada.  Oh, and I checked our condo rental statement.  It made a nice return for last month.  We are now saving for a car for my daughter's birthday.  Believe me, her being able to drive will go a long way for saving my sanity.  I know most parents probably believe so, but, she is very responsible and therefore, I will try not to worry.  Lucky for her, we still have several months more to save for that car and hope that nothing else comes up.  Of course my husband is still waiting for his "hearing" to get a reduction on our foreclosure house. Sure hope they hurry as the next installment of property tax is due in June.  They did offer a reduction - but only 1/2 of what we think it should be.  Got to give them credit for trying to protect their tax base - I guess.

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