Monday, September 10, 2012

9/10 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day:  I stayed home today.  My cold is is still as bad as it was and now I have post nasal drip.  Puffs with Vicks seemed like a luxury - although it was on sale, had a coupon, was part of the gas card deal, and possibly part of the rebate - they are great for a stuffy nose.  The picture, I sat outside in the sun, with SPF on my face, and mixed a cheap nail polish (part of a set of 4 that came from the dollar tree - that refuses to dry) that I loved the color - but was not functional as a nail polish.  So, then, the Wet 'n Wild dries fine - but the frost creme/white color was too light - so, now it is a pink - and is on my finger and toe nails.  I also finished my daughter's silk shirt upcycle.  I found an old piece of lace that would work great as a tie-belt.  She loved it - and wants to wear it for picture day - on Wednesday.  She did point out that one sleeve is slightly longer than the other - and I have to agree - so, I will fix it shortly.  I also took care of some administrative matters - contacted the attorney that is handling our sandlot's claim against BP to find out if they can enjoin our other property.  They are checking into it.  I got my free Woman's Day magazine in the mail that I thumbed through while my toe nails were drying - and in it is a gumbo recipe - great use for my "crop" of okra :) 

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