Saturday, September 22, 2012

More 9/22 Expressions

On the way home from the beauty school salon - cut and color was $30 plus tip :)  - we stopped at Aldi.  For just over $10 - that's all the cash I had and I don't use debit cards . . . I got everything I needed included red potatoes - a 5 lb bag for .99 and a 3 lb bag of yellow onions for .79 (they used to go on sale for .69) - thing are creeping up.  When I got home - I made the poor man's fillets, biscuits and veggie sausages and some baked red potatoes in the oven.  the potatoes will be used for onion/potato mixture in the morning with a couple of eggs over easy.  On the stove top, I made shredded cabbage stir fry, manager's special organic beans with olive oil/lemon, and brown rice.  I also stopped at Dollar Tree for laundry detergent and I also found pickled asparagus as a treat to myself.  Seems my tomato and pepper plants are still trying to produce - it would be nice not to have to buy tomatoes or peppers for the next week or two.

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