Saturday, September 22, 2012

9/22 Expressions

Fugal deeds:  Last night, I decided to use up food before it went to waste and help me keep my grocery spending down.  So, a lady at work gave me 4 apples from her apple tree.  I had 2 bananas looking like they were one their last leg - so, they became an apple banana cake - I just need to make a glaze - and have the ingredients for that.  Then I still have those 3 zucchini from Aldi - one was probably almost a pound by itself - so that became part of a zucchini casserole.  I also made a batch of corn muffins - all three cooked together and warmed the house a bit this evening as the temperature is getting rather nippy.  I still need to use up my manager's special chopped cabbage and carrots - for cole slaw.  But, I won't be making cole slaw - I believe I will make a stir fry with it.  And of course  I need to do something with some meat for several meals - especially since my husband is here is this weekend.  I have Kroger's Natural beef patties - on sale and used a coupon - and lb of bacon.  So - I believe I will baking some "poor man's" fillet mignon . .  . and adding some of the bacon to stirfry - since the vegetarian is not too fond of cabbage anyway.  All of this will be fitted into around the beauty school treat I am setting upon.

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