Sunday, September 16, 2012

9/16 Expressions

Frugal deeds:  Yesterday, my daughter and I made it to our first Hot Yoga class (livingsocial deal - 30 days of unlimited classes fo $40).  On the way home, we made a circuitous route and stopped at Aldi.  Can't beat .20 cucumbers and .39 avocados - and a few other items.  Then to Rite Aid, last day to get in on the buy 3, get one 12 pack of Pepsi (for you know who - although he has cut back quite a bit) for $9.99 . . . and surprise - there on a beer display was buy a 12 pack of any soda and get a $2 rebate.  I am loving these rebates showing up again.  So, that was my sorta cheap thrill for the day.  I also did some mega cooking.  I had a $1 bag of collard greens and the cool weather calling for soup.  So, I made a batch of soup - used a bit of chicken and tofu - but also some onion/peppers I had prepped and frozen earlier.  Then, I had some artisan lettuce that needed to be used up - cuz I had another batch that was $1 - not a bargain if I let the previous batch go bad - so, that got torn up and placed in a salad bowl topped with a concoction I made on the stove.  I browned onions, garlic, walnuts, some previously baked red potatoes, balsamic vinegarette, and leftover cranberry sauce - let it cool down a bit - poured it on the lettuce with some feta - and it turned out to be a delicious salad - oh wait - in the cocncoction - I put some fresh basil and rosemary from garden in there for extra deliciousness.  And since I had some corn kernels and a vegetarian who probably wouldn't eat the soup since I used a bit of chicken - I made a lovely corn casserole.  We have both decided we love zucchini now - and I have 3 large ones - so, I want to come up with something new to use them up too.  I also had a lovely smoothie yesterday and today - made from fruit I had already frozen - banana and strawberry - and added a few things from the fridge before they went "bad" - a bit of yogurt, soy milk and ground flaxseed from the pantry.  Oh, and I made a pot of almost free pumpkin spice coffee - it is delicious too.

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