Sunday, September 2, 2012

9/2 Expressions

Pictured today is half of my edamame "crop" :)  Free seeds through listia.  Seems we have appliance breakdowns near holidays.  I guess that is frugal :(  Anyway, our dryer quit working - and so, since appliances are on sale at Lowes for Labor day - and they are having free delivey and take-away - my husband ran down with a 10% off coupon and my discounted gift card - and paid the rest with the card he needs to spend $ on to get the $400 bonus.  So, we will be dealing with hanging laundry in the garage for the next couple of days as the dryer won't be delivered until Friday.  We are having my dad over for lunch - it has already rained this a.m. - but we think we can get the bbq going in a few minutes.  I am going to bake some red potatoes - 5 lbs/.99 at Aldi and make some pear/spinach salad - before the ingredients goes bad - got a large pear for free at Kroger w/coupon last weekend and 2 small ones from our tree that have finally ripened.  Also, Bushes baked beans will be heated.  Easy for me. 

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