Sunday, September 9, 2012

9/9 Expressions

Yesterday was pretty frugal - but I spent most of the day napping and in a fog.  My husband and daughter earned close to $40 at the yardsale.  They split it between the two of them.  I came down with a cold - so, after doing some cooking, I hit the hay.  The dryer came and I love it.  My husband and daughter did some coupon shopping for me yesterday at Publix - and they got the free after coupon/rebate boxes (2) of copy paper at Staples.  So, now we shouldn't need paper for at least a year - and some of the school teachers periodically request donations of copy paper - so, now we have it.  I called our local tax assessor - about any change in property tax appraisals - she said if I didn't receive a change in April - there is no change - or there willl be a downward adjustment - I won't complain about that.  The only property that is still out-of-line is our foreclosure property - and hopefully in a month or so, we will get a notice of the downward adjustment - with some of $ we already paid refunded back :)  I also re-allocated some of our retirement funds.  The funds were had in the most conservative funding - I moved into the 2nd most conservative indexed fund.  The funds in large and small US cap are still there and the only funds that will any new funding.  What went into the indexed fund is the "high" that we reached in 2007 before the market started tanking. We are too close to retiring to weather such a big roller coaster ride.  Oh, and I purchased a gift for the family on Groupon - 4 hours of deep cleaning by 2 technicians for $150.  That will be our holiday gift to ourselves - start off the new year with a cleaner house.

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