Friday, September 14, 2012

9/14 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day:  Today is my "day off" - but, I had to fast last night and get some blood work done this a.m.  Although my co-pay is the same, seems I am paying more for the lab part.  I miss the days when the co-pay was pretty much it.  However, I then headed to Wal-mart because I plan to start Hot Yoga.  Hmmm, I gave my yoga mat to my husband to take to the foreclosure house and can't get it back until next week.  So, the only one left at Wal-mart was a pretty swanky looking one for $19.99.  All the $9.99 were sold out and they didn't have any in the stockroom.  So, I searched the store - was going to get a runner rug for $12.99 - but then, I came upon pretty much the same stuff as the yoga mat in the kitchen "liners" section - so, I got one that I will use temporary for $4.XX.  But the really nice part about my trip to Wal-mart was, I was standing in the coffee/tea/etc. isle looking though my coupons.  The Millstone distributor guy was serving the grinding station.  He walked up to me and said - "I see you like coupons".  I said, I sure do, he pulled out a was from his pocket and said, how would you like to try some really good coffee?  So, he gave me 2 $4 off 1/2 a lb of coffee - and even said, why don't you try a 1/2 a lb each?  So, that is just what I did - so, probably for under $2 - I got a 1/2 lb of pumpkin spice and a 1/2 lb of carmel something.  They smell wonderful.  And even though I have a cold/sinus infection - I am as chipper as could be.  Our stock funds have been doing really these last two weeks - and having re-allocated our retirement fund to slighly less conservative - made a big difference.  (Now, don't let me jinx it).  The rest of today - I plan to make a home-made vegetarian pizza, I rented a Redbox comedy, and plan to do a bit of cleaning - and then I pretty much will relax with some pumpkin spice coffee.  :)

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