Sunday, September 30, 2012

9/30 Farewell September Issue

Time sure has flown.  Early this morning, I went to McD's to redeem my free breakfast sandwich coupon - and I wanted a strong coffee (I know, coffee always seems to taste better when it is made by someone else) and 1 hashbrown - I will admit it - I wanted a game piece.  Much to my surprise - when I went to pay - the lady in front of me paid my bill.  I yelled out thank-you to her - and she just smiled and waved.  Of course my hashbrowns did not have a game piece on it - but, it didn't bother me a bit.  Much to my surprise - I got a code for a free Redbox rental from McD's from entering my codes last night - must have been one of those times I thought there was a glitch :)  My house is smelling so "fallish" - I made that word up.  I peeled some potatoes, carrots, and chopped some onions, and added some green beans previously cooked in lemon and olive oil and a mystery pack of seasoning - I think it came from an Enchilada kit - and placed them in the crockpot.  I am going to puree the veggies shortly - I hope my vegetarian daughter will love the soup as much as I love the smell.  I think I will have a bowl or two myself :)  Not that I really want to rant after such nice things have happened to me - but, I just got notified that the inspection team completed their inspection of our condo.  The condo evaluation has not been uploaded yet - but the "inventory" list has been - this is the third year in a row that sticky fingers has run off with oven broiler pan :(  Fortunately, the list is shorter - 3 wine glasses, measuring cup, one steak knife, and a cooking spoon.  So, I will be stopping at Homegoods with my discounted giftcard and getting what I can there - and my $5 P&G Visa Card to use at the Dollar Tree to get the measuring cups, cooking spoon and 3 wine glasses - and will pay taxes with the change in my wallet.  I am glad I called to ask them to make our condo inspection a priority.  It looks like the condo is open this weekend - although the rest of the month is pretty much booked - so, it may be a great opportunity to make a quick run down and make any repairs noted in the inspection (hopefully none :) - and replace the inventory  - while taking in the waves ourselves.

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