Saturday, January 12, 2013

1/12 Expressions

Frugal deeds and a bust:  Today, I took my daughter for her eye exam - no money out.  But we ordered contacts - and of course I have the receipt to file for under HSA - a small tax saving.  And a "loan" from the HSA account since I haven't paid much in yet.  Anyway, I also asked about my order and lo and behold, it was there - so, I didn't have to make a second trip.  The frugal bust - we went to lunch with the "free" $10 off $20 Restaurant.Com gift certificate.  One of the owners said we could use the certificate - but when we paid the bill - they "forgot" to deduct the $10 - and said use it next time.  I don't think so - the food wasn't great and neither was the service.  So, we are giving that certificate to someone who might like the fare.  Then on to Earthfare  - we picked up some groceries and used the Tomato bank $10 off our order.  Then to Dollar Tree - I picked up 2 packs for Jenny-O Turkey Bacon for tax only after coupon.  Other items I picked-up for $1 each plus tax - Nature's Own bread, 80 count box of green tea, and Jalapeno peppers - $3 plus tax since the bacon was "free".  Then to Aldi.  Then to Starbucks - my daughter and I each got a free tall Vanilla Blonde Coffee - my husband sent me his gift certificate from the facebook offer.  Then we dropped a few items off at the consignment store - and we made a stop at Kroger to pick-up a few things - and a Redbox.  Tomorrow, I hope to declutter a bit more so that I have more for the charitable organization to pick-up on Monday.  I also want to get the loft/hallway ready to lose the carpet so that my husband and I can put down the laminate we purchased.  And yikes - the rental property manager gave us the quotes to remove 6 trees from one of our rental properties - plus to grind the stumps down - one tree fell and narrowly missed the house - knocked-off the shutter - the other 5 are close to house and probably just need to go - since the insurance company is finicky - my husband decided we should not call - so, the best quote from a bonded/licensed tree removal company - $3,200.  Not a good money month for us.  But, it has to be done.  Good thing we have an emergency/savings account - but it hinders my savings progress :(

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