Monday, January 21, 2013

1/21 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day:  I used the $50 off $100 coupon at Bestbuy (with Mastercard - and lots of restrictions) for 3 boxes of black/color ink cartridges for our printer.  We should be set for the year.  We also stopped at Kroger and got our free Carnation Instant Breakfast mix with digital coupon - I also got some 1/2 priced manager's special items to freeze.  I also found a $4 rebate form for rotisserie chicken which will come in handy.  And we used some Tomato Bank points at Earthfare to have a nice lunch out - mine came to $1.50 after point redemption.  I also listed 2 items on ebay - hopefully they will sell and that's a bit more clutter out and cash-in.  Added:  planted basil seeds I "won" on Listia, received my e-card for selling a giftcard and found that I had a $5 code on Swagbucks that I had not redeemed, sewed the zipper on my daughter's jeans, and made a batch of potato salad before the potatoes as a side dish for the next couple of meals.

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