Friday, January 4, 2013

1/4 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day:  I ordered the VOIP equipment from Amazon with a $45 credit we had for a returned item.  Of couse the item was less than $45 - so, to use up the credit and take advantage of the free shipping with $25 - I ordered some pods for coffee maker.  We deposited the dividend checks we've received in the last week or so  - 3 of them and rounded them up with change around the house :)  Today I am going to get my eyes examined for "free" - I paid $50 for a plan several years ago - so, no money out from my pocket - and I will be ordering contacts - and will be reimbursed by our HSA.  And instead of a loan from from me - I will be getting a loan from the HSA as I am sure the amount paid in will be less than the amount paid out so early in the year.  I plan to stop at Earthfare for a few good cheapies - 4lb bag of organic oranges for $2 - the $5 for 5 items in the food revolution deal isn't bad either.  And, while I really should do some deculttering today - I may lighten up and relax instead :) - just for today. 

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