Thursday, January 17, 2013

1/17 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day:  Due to bad weather - I only worked 1/2 a day.  Came home and listed 2 DVDs on  In the mail, my husband and I both got a complimentary night at the Hyatt as an anniversary gift on our cards - not sure if that card has a yearly fee - sure hope not.  Anyway, we are planning a trip to check out some schools for our daughter.  We are hoping to get another free flights/free nights trip scheduled so we have little impact to our savings plan.  This has been a horrible month for expenses.  First half of our property taxes for the out-of-state foreclosure property is due.  Of course the tree cutting bill will be coming.  We are laying laminate.  My savings plan has been de-railed for the month of January.  Hopefully, I will make up for lost time in the next couple of months.  We have reduced/cancelled some services - hopefully, my husband can install the VOIP and we can say good bye to our landline charges.  I cancelled a few optionals from my pay . .  . we are watching food purchases/waste better - and I have 11.5 months to make the goal.

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