Friday, January 18, 2013

1/18 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day:  I am "off" from the day job today - so, I slept in.  Then we headed to the credit union to deposit some checks - including one for .20 (dividend).  To get rid of change - I have started to round the deposit to a dollar amount.  So, that .20 check became 1.00 with change.  My husband and I also got a complimentary cup of coffee at the credit union - it is so yummy.  Then to Wal-mart - mainly to do a bit of coupon shopping.  Free after coupon items included a travel sized pack of Neutrogena face wipes and dental floss.  Cheaper with coupon, 2 Kikoman sauces and 2 tubes of Jenny-o breakfast sausages.  Next door is the Dollar Tree - so, I got a loaf of whole wheat bread, a jar of Jalapeno peppers, some "movie" candy, and some lasagna noodles.  Then to Home Depot to pick-up the rest of the laminate.  We still have some $ left on the discounted giftcard I purchased - so, that should cover any moulding we might need, etc.  Then to Aldi - rounded out groceries there - unfortunately holiday sweets were heavily discounted - so, we got a few.  Then on to Earthfare for a cheap lunch date with my husband.  He still had $10 worth of Tomato bank credit - and they dropped the hot bar down to $5.99 - so, my husband got his lunch, a bottled lemonade, a box of crackers, a free round of brie with coupon, a sample of macaroon for his dessert (we also sampled a few other tasty items while strolling) - unfortunate they were out of the free water and they weren't expected to come in until after the coupon expires.  My husband's total came to under $2.  I got the free brie with my lunch and a few additional groceries items.  Then the cashier reminded us that the meat department was giving out scratch cards.  So, after lunch, we stopped at the meat department and each got 2 pre-made burgers.  The scratch cards yielded 400 points which is the equivalent of $4.  The burgers were $5 plus tax.  And now we have over $4 left on our accounts - so, that will make for another cheap lunch date down the road.   Then, a rarity.  Mail was delivered early.  Today's mail brought another dividend check of .45 - so, that means I will be scroungin .55 in change to go with it.  And Victoria's Secret sent more coupons - free panty was the best of the 3 coupons.  I have lots of things I need to work on - but I am mainly going to work on relaxing today.  I do plan to go to hot yoga - and do some heavy duty cooking - a vegetarian and a meat lasagna for the freezer - and dinner.  That way, I can use up items before they go "bad" - like the second bag of spinach I purchased from Aldi last week.  All bills, big and small got paid today - and no money out of savings  which as a relief.  However, the accounts are very anemic - and not all of the "big" bills have come in - like the one to cut the trees down and there may be a bill for one of the rental properties.  And, as much as I hate to "see" myself get less per paycheck that last year - I guess that is what is going to happen.  Some got offset by cancelling a few optional deductions - but the payroll tax hit, and now I plan to ramp up my 401K equivalent will make the check a bit smaller.  But, in the end , it will be worth it.  I am hoping I am really close to committing to "retiring" from my day job - so, I need to sock away what I can.  I need to re-calculate my deduction - for the catch-up missed for 2 pay periods, and the $500 increase in the "ceiling".

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