Tuesday, January 1, 2013

1/1 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day:  I went to a hot yoga class - we are having a 30 day challenge - shoot for 20 classes in 30 days.  1 down, 19 or more to go :)  I also decluttered clothes from my closet.  I have one paperbag full of clothes ready for the next charitable organization that calls for a pick-up.  I also found 2 items to take to the consignment store.  I also found 2 bags of trash - mostly newspapers and other paper no longer needed.  I am really happy a "fiscal cliff deal was made"  - oh wait, the House has not voted :(  I was going to order my contacts on line - but my most current prescription listed is not correct.  So, my daughter and husband will go the retail store and place an order for both of us.  Oh well, I could have gotten 500 mypoints had I placed the order on-line.  And of course, as soon as I get the receipt, I will be filing a claim with my health savers account.  Earthfare sent out another nice coupon 5 items for $5 - hopefully, my husband and daughter can stop by and get those tomorrow also.  And, I hope they take the Home Depot/Lowes gift cards to pick up items needed for our DIY laminate flooring installation in the bonus room/hallway on the second floor.  I will be at my day job - but hopefully, we can enjoy lunch together at home :)

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