Monday, December 19, 2011

12/19 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day:  Nescafe sent me a pack of samples, including the new Peppermint Mocha and a $1 off coupon.  Wendy's sent me a .16 dividend check :)  I also got my freebie Woman's Day magazine.  I came home early, I was expecting to pick my daughter up from school - and baked 2 pumpkin breads and the "easy divinity" I made was easy, tasty, but runny.  That is it for winter baking as far as I am concerned - I have plenty of stuff for the freezer.  I am planning to hit the hay early today.  Oh, we took over a goodie package to the neighbor and she gave us her beloved cacti plant.  They are moving in a few days, down-sizing (her words) to half the space and they don't have room for the plant.  It is pretty - and prickly.

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