Thursday, December 8, 2011

12/8 Expressions

Public service announcement:  you can go through withdrawals/increase your BP if you go cold turkey off of caffeine.  Yikes!  Monday, I started the P.I.N.K. method - says no coffee - so, I drank tea.  I was about an 8-12 cup a day coffee drinker - also, sometimes stopping at Starbucks, etc.  Starting Monday - I started getting a really bad headache, could tell my BP was high.  Thought it was a fluke - by yesterday, I put in a vacation slip and thought perhaps I just needed to rest.  Of course - before the end of the day, I called for a dr. appointment.  After taking my blood pressure - which was high - and chatting - turns out I am probably going through a caffeine withdrawal.  He told me to wean myself off of the stuff.  So, on my way to the pharmacy, I got a caramel frappe - doctor's orders :) - and picked up my modified bp rx and something for my severe headache.  Boy, do I feel a lot better - and a bit nutty.  I really thought I had some horrible condition - and turns out - it was something I didn't even think about.  So, I am enjoying a cup of joe (sans the fancy flavors) - and start weaning tomorrow.  So glad I have tomorrow off too - I was having a hard time sleeping because of the pain - so am exhausted.  Don't even want to imagine withdrawal pains from anything stronger than caffiene - this was enough to throw me way out of whack.

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