Sunday, December 11, 2011

More 12/11 Expressions

Yesterday was our community's luminaria evening - I was so caught-up in "stuff" we missed seeing it.  Also, USAA came through again this year, they gave us a nice dividend even though it was tough year for insurance companies.  We will appreciate the $.  Our paper today had a local on-line estate auction.  I spoke with my husband and he told me to go ahead and bid on a few items.  The auction ends Tuesday.  I put in my max prices - and have already been out-bid. Que-sara, sara - because I am too darn frugal to go any higher - but wish whoever gets the item the best. I feel a lot better this week - we have been eating more healthily (is that a word)?  I need to cut the sugar and caffeine and then I can earnestly start the PINK Method - but, I can start trimming now :)


Kelly said...

Cutting caffine and sugar is tough but worth it. I still struggle through it (having just munched on some dark chocolate chips). What is the pink method?

A Frugal Mom's Financial Expressions said...

Kelly: Still slowly weaning myself off caffeine. Sugar is my biggest downfall - why does it have to taste so good :( Anyway, I saw the "P.I.N.K. Method" of dieting on Dr. Phil. It seems to be a diet for women only and it appears to work. No packaged food - and fairly easy. The initial phase pretty much is a shake for breakfast (your own ingredients) and 4 oz of protien and low calorie veggies for lunch and dinner - and the same veggies for snack. Then there are 3 DVDs to reintroduce exercise back into your routine - no long drawn out stuff - suppose to help build muscle, strengthen core, etc. - and nothing "difficult" or out of the ordinary. But, I haven't made it to the first phase - I think generally it is about a 12 week program until I can wean off the caffeine. In the meantime - I am trying to not eat a lot of sugar, and watch my portion size and eat more veggies for snacks. Anyway, you can find more at Disclaimer - I do not work for this company, nor have I completed this program - therefore, any information is just my opinion.