Friday, December 2, 2011

12/2 Expressions

This is our sunbeatened front door.  My husband updated with paint the previous owners left in the garage.  The wreath?  My daughter made it in school about 10 years ago.  It is made from humble supplies.  A wire coat hanger, scraps of fabric and some ribbon.  She had a great public school teacher who was very crafty - the teacher kept their tiny hands busy making all kind of things from scraps and leftovers.  My daughter wasn't all that proud of it in the past - but, I kept it.  I guess now that we are in a new economy, every one appreciates "home-made" and "recycled" much more - so, I switched out our year around decorated grapevine - and added her wreath for this season.  It is such a nice beautiful day outside.  Next, I am going to sew that kitchen drape.  I am just home from the hospital - had a minor procedure - but am in such an appreciative mood.  I was told to take it easy, so, I am.  But these are easy things to do.  Earlier, the dog and I sat on the front porch (me with a fresh cup of coffee) and we enjoyed the sun.  So many things to be grateful for, and they don't always have to cost $.

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