Saturday, December 31, 2011

12/31 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day:  We made a quick trip to the beach.  My dad babysat the dog.  We paid him in brownies, pumpkin bread - and brought back licorice and Blue Cheese Pecans from Harry and Davids.  I printed off a few Travel Center free hot drink coupons - and we enjoyed a freebie.  We also ate a few nice meals out with Restaurant.Com 90% off gift certificates.  We looked at 6 beachfront properties to help us decide if we wanted to sell-out or stay for a rebuild - or possibly do both.  We liked 3 of the properties - the realtor will send us more statistics on Monday.  There were fantastic deals at the outlet mall.  I picked-up 5 shirts at Ann Taylor Loft for $4.77 each :)  One shirt was for my daughter.  My husband got heavily discounted jeans and shirts from Tommy Hilfiger - and 3 $5/5 coupons at other stores kicked-out.  You know I used those - we got socks, a polo shirt, and a necklace - after heavy discounts and coupon, the 3 cost around $14 including tax.  Then we went to a New Year Eve party at my daughter's best friend's house - and just got home.  Actually, it has been 1/1/12 for about 15 minutes now . . . I plan to hit the hay shortly.

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