Friday, December 9, 2011

12/9 Expressions

Woot - have been in an e-mail campaign to keep my daughter in the same high school until she graduates - new one is ready for the next school year.  Looks like it works :)  Sometimes it really does help to speak-up :)  I started sewing embellishments on my Black Friday bath towels from Wal-Mart - $2.20 each - I already broke 3 sewing machine needles - just got 2 packs.  Hope I have better luck.  On top of that - when I put the machine on the dining table - I pulled a muscle :(  I hope to have a few towels finished tomorrow.  Mail was good - I got my annual gift for being a mail decoy.  This year, instead of cashews - I got mixed nuts.  I will be taking them to work to share them for "snack day".  I also have a coupon to use at Earthfare - free lb of chuck with a $5 purchase - their truffles are to die for - so, for around $5 - I will get a box of trubbles - to add to the nuts - and I believe I am done gift shopping for the rest of this month.  Oh, as a treat for myself - and of course in case we put the house up for sale so we could change school districts - I purchased a house cleaning groupon.  It will be nice to have someone else do the stuff I hate at 1/2 the price.

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