Friday, January 13, 2012

1/13 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day:  to get myself moving - I wrote myself a short "to do" list.  I want to list 2 things on ebay, 1 thing on listia, fill out the form and return the Novartis OTC I have for a refund - 3 bottles of Excedrin.  It is nice to have a long weekend again.  Great to have my husband home too.  We had bad weather last night - so, I asked him to stay in a hotel.  At first he tried to be tough - then logic took over and he stayed at one.  He didn't pick the most frugal choice - but oh well, he did bargain for a lower rate :)  That's a start.  I told him the best deal for last minute hotels while on the road seem to be those coupons found at the gas station.  He said he will remember that for next time.  After guitar lessons, the crew will pick up take 'n bake pizzas with a gift card we have.  Next month is Valentines day and our 23rd wedding anniversary.  He asked if we should go to a really expensive restaurant.  Nope - we have a 1/2 priced gift certificate to a nice, quaint, gourmet restaurant which will suit me fine.  The following month is my birthday - he promises to stain the kitchen cabinets (I will be getting cheap (discounted) or "free" (credit card points) gift cards for Lowes/Home Depot in the meantime and any coupons to get the rest of supplies he might need.  ADDED:  Since my daughter and husband had to wait more than 30 minutes to get their pizza order - they were compensated with coupons for 1 large 1 topping for free. 

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