Monday, January 16, 2012

1/16 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day:  I made a quick batch of curry - shown above.  Last night when we baked our pizzas, I roasted tri-color bell peppers (not in the curry - I eat those as a snack with hummus - that my husband recently purchased on the cheap), sweet potatoes, and yellow squash.  So, this morning, I browned some onions, and soy burger crumbles, added sweet potatoes, yellow squash - and now we have several meals.  I also boiled some eggs.  We have plenty of fruit.  Now I just need to make a salad - I have vine rippened tomatoes, artisan lettuce, unroasted tri-color bellpeppers, and onions which I will make later today.  So, meal-wise, this will be any easy week.  We plan to have a relaxing day.  I checked the condo reservations and the bookings have started.  Nice to have some extra income coming in since next month, my husband will have to pay the property tax on the foreclosure property - and hopefully, after the board of appeals reviews his protest, the city will refund some of it back.  We are going to pay it since you can pay a reduced amount and hope they adjust it downward - but any balance, we would owe interest.  Zillow has it valued at $23K over what we paid, the city has it valued at $52K over what we paid.  Definitely a problem there.

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