Sunday, January 22, 2012

1/22 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day:  Opening new doors?  That's what yesterday seemed to be all about.  Not only did I replace the holiday wreath with the one above (I refreshed it with some flowers that were no longer being used indoors - and too nice to throw out) - but we spent most of the day doing things outside of our comfort zone.  First - we used my livingsocial coupon to get some professional photos of my daughter.  While there, a fashion director asked me if my daughter was there to audition for a local fashion week.  I said no.  She said oh, and went to her purse and got a business card and handed it to me.  I said thanks - I will leave it up to my daughter if we want to pursue it any further.  Then we went to meet her friend at the mall.  Her best friend and she and some other friends - they went shopping and I shopped with my daughter's friends mother.  So nice to find like minded people.  We shopped the sales - we picked up a few heavily discounted items - but mainly, we just looked.  Then they invited to join them for dinner at a wonderful Thai resaurant and they were so hospitable - they picked up the whole tab.  I will need to repay them - you just don't find nice, unpretentious people very often around here.  So, that was very nice.  In the meantime, I was a bit disappointed with the lack of bids on my listia and ebay listings.  But having checked a few moments ago - sure enough, they all sold and I am very happy for the extra cash and credits.  Extra cash will go towards fun money in Paris and the credits will go toward seeds (edible only) for planting this spring.  Oh yeah, received the late rent payment too.  Pays to be vigilent and be the squeaky wheel every once in a while.  Retirement accounts are inching upward - every things a bit brighter :)

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