Monday, January 2, 2012

More 1/2 Expressions

Frugal deed for the day:  My former piano teacher - I have kept in touch with her for over 30 years - sent a nice card and calendar.  She wrote that her husband is retiring this month and her daughter graduated from college.  I wanted to send a nice gift - just a token really.  Many places do not ship internationally and if they do - the shipping is outrageous.  So, I poked around stores I found through ebates.  Finally found one - Godiva Chocolate has a Japan site.  And while not cheap, I was able to send a nice gift without spending an arm and a leg for shipping.  As a matter of fact, shipping was under $7 :)  And while some think it is inconsiderate to send giftcards - my husband's cousin's daughter had a baby last week - I hope they enjoy their baby's r us card :)  Maybe I am old and inconsiderate - but would rather send a gift card than drive around a look for something - and then not have it be useful.  If they lived in driving distance - which they don't (probably 1,000 miles away) - I would have purchased a practical gift - but practical plus shipping isn't always smart.

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