Friday, January 20, 2012

1/20 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day:  I was going to sleep in - but alas, I got up and gave my daughter a ride to school.  Such a treat for her.  Of course, I stopped at Wal-mart with the last of my giftcards and gassed up the car, picked up and few groceries - and bought a diffuser and roll-brush to try my hand at getting my hair to look like it did when I walked out of the salon :)  I also went to the credit union - and had a yummy cup of their coffee while I waited in line to cash my rebate checks - $48 worth.  $20 is earmarked for my daughter to donate to her schools girl's soccer team - for which in return, we will receive a coupon booklet for businesses around town.  Today, I plan to do some cleaning and cooking - use up some veggie pasta - creamy garlic, onion, mushroom and leftover soy "meat" for meals later - and of course, another batch of curry - this time potatoes, soy crumbles, onions, and carrots.  For dinner, we will get two take 'n bake pizzas to use up our up the last free 1 topping large pizza and free cookie dough coupons (free cookie dough came in handy last night as my daughter volunteered to bring a snack fo a class - and instead of hitting the store, she just baked a batch of cookies) - and the gift card for another pizza.  The one topping, we are getting mushroom with garlic something - instead of marinara sauce - and will add more veggies when we get home.  The other will be the yummy gourmet veggie thin crust pizza.  So, we shall have enough easy, quick, and fairly healthy meals to get us through the weekend and some. 

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