Friday, August 10, 2012

8/10 Expressions

Finally, my daughter was able to take the road test and get her driver's license.  Note to self:  stay away from our County DMV and go to the next county over.  Our County's DMV is booked - walk-ins are chaotic - we got there at 5:45 a.m. were 3rd in line - got a "spot" and then because it rained - driving tests were cancelled.  Not only was I tired, annoyed, and used a vacation day - but accomplished nothing my give myself anxiety :(  Next county over - did not have to arrive early, 2nd in line - and done within an hour.  Sometimes it is better to drive further because our time is worth something . . . The only things I have made an effort to do this past week was order discounted gift cards - one for my dad for this birthday - Barnes and Noble so he can download books galore onto his Nook, a Lowes Gift Card so we can buy a third garage door opener since we are now a 3 car family, and a petsmart giftcard so the dog can get a "do" at a discount.  Tomorrow, just the ladies will be eating lunch at PF Chang's - my treat (oops, should have ordered a gift card) and adoptive Grandmother will treat us to see "Hope Springs".  Sunday, my husband is BBQ'ing for my dad's birthday luncheon and my daughter and I will make a few side dishes and dessert.  Lots of freebie magazines came in the mail.

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