Friday, August 3, 2012

8/3 Expressions

Received my first free issue of "Everyday with Rachel Ray".  We had a $4 Take 'n Bake pizza for dinner and I made a fruit pizza for dessert.  We had a Wal-mart brand instant cheese cake mix that was less than a dollar.  For the topping, I used Kiwi - .79 for a bag of 6 from Aldi that looked like they needed to be used shortly.  My husband got his first Nescafe Dolce Gusto coffee and he loved it :)    We got a lot done.  The IRS sent us a form to file for our penalty back - they agreed with our rationale.  My husband re-scheduled his tax assessment reduction hearing for our foreclosure house out another couple of weeks.  This is tax-free, school shopping weekend for us - so, we will be getting the rest of the school supplies and maybe a few clothes.  We will stop by the consignment store for some $.  We also plan to "up-cycle" some clothes we purchased from the thriftstore - we mainly wanted the long dresses for the fabric - silk, etc. for $5.98 each - and we hope to make some nice blouses.  Added:  In the last couple of days, my husband and I have each been able to amass 80 Coke Rewards Points with free Olympic promo codes.  You can probably do a search for the codes.  Anyway, I ordered 2 20 oz Coke drink coupons and my husband ordered a coupon for a free chicken bites at McDonalds and a free 20 oz drink (Coke) coupon.  We each also entered a sweepstakes for no points 8 times each for entering the promo code.  Easy, peasy.  I just happened to stumble on the codes - they were on frugal sites and seem to expire, then re-load.

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