Saturday, August 4, 2012

8/4 Expressions

This is tax-free weekend for us.  So, armed with a bunch of coupons and few gift cards, we headed out for some school/office supplies, groceries, and apparel.  First, we hit Barnes and Noble with the new BOGO latte (iced) coupon and left my husband to read a few magazines.  My daughter and I headed out to a few stores.  We browsed - but only found dress at Anthropologie.  It was heavily discounted, plus she had a 15% off coupon and no tax.  Even the cashier commented about her bargain.  Then we headed off to strip mall.  My husband got his hair cut while we browsed Stein Mart - we just couldn't find anything and the prices just were as good as they had been in the past.  Then to Target - we did some damage there.  My husband loaded up on "unders" and socks - we had a few $1 off Hanes coupons - and no tax.  We also decided to load up on ink for the printers, school supplies.  Using my Target credit card - I got an additional 5% off.  Then to Earthfare - they had a $5 for 5 natural/organic items coupon.  Most of the item were sold out.  But with such great service, we got substitutions that far exceeded our expectations.  I also took a bottle back for a $2 deposit (natural lemonade).  Then to Aldi for a few staples - EVOO, .69 for a dozen eggs, etc.  The final stop, CVS for dishwasher detergent - I had a $4 ecb burning a hole in my wallet - so, it was the perfect item to use it on.  Tomorrow, my daughter and I plan to head out for some more shopping.  We are hoping to find something at Kohl's with our $10 off anything coupon that can be combined with a 15% off coupon.  We also can pick-up a freebie item at ULTA, Bath and Body Works, and Victoria's Secret.  We will be going to the mall with those 3 stores later in the evening as we plan to attend VS's Pink Party.  We also got a lot of yard work done.  My husband mowed while my daughter and I pulled weeds out of the plant beds.  Now we are watching the Olympics.

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