Monday, August 27, 2012

8/27 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day:  I have to give Kudos to CVS.  My husband was going to buy 2 6 packs of Bounty for the $30 deal.  CVS was out - but when he asked about whether they had any left - they had a substitue - 2 12 packs of towel paper - and earth friendly too.  They used the UPC for the Bounty - so, my husband still got his gas card - and double the amount of towel papers.  This should last us the rest of the year - he is taking a pack to our foreclosure home and one for here.  Sometimes, it is just better to clean up a mess with a towel paper.  Yes, I have cloth napkins and rags - so, I still buy some and try to get them as cheaply as possible.  Today, my husband spoke with the tax assessor about our foreclosure home - actually, it was a panel.  The property is appraised at $122K, we ask tht it be dropped to $70K - the price we paid.  They came back with $102K - since we didn't agree, my husband had to talk to the board.  They will be sending him their decision in 30-45 days.  Of course we already paid the second installment.  So, we hope to get a big chunk of it back.  In other news, Hurricane Isaac caused our renters for later this week to cancel.  I am glad the condo mgmt now refunds the entire amount of any deposit.  You can never tell how bad they might turn out.  I hope and pray that everyone on the coast affected will be safe and sound.  I won some Coke Reward points on Listia and of course got a few points from the free bottles I got with coupons.  I have enough to order 2 more free Cokes - but, I am going to save my points in hopes that they have a "sale" since my husband has stocked up.

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