Sunday, August 19, 2012

8/19 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day:  Today, my daughter finally decided to learn to sew and her first project was to remake the pictured dress.  She got it from Antropologie for an additional 50% and it is silk - so, she got a pretty good deal.  It would make a nice summer dress, but she never got around to wearing it.  Now it is in the process of being upcycled.  So far, we added think elastic around the bottom half of the arm holes to cinch it up a bit.  We cut off excess fabric so that it will be a shirt, instead of a dress.  She finished the edge and will hand hem it.  The fabric that was cut-off will be made into sleeve caps to get rid of the summery look - and will be suitable for school wear.  In the mean time, school starts tomorrow - so, after finishing the edge, she left to bond with some of her friends before they get down to the serious business of studying.  So, hopefully, the shirt will be completed by next week.

Last night, I had a hard time falling asleep.  So, I watched "CREATE" - on PBS.  I was so inspired by the cooking show - today, I made my own soup - browned/boiled/blenderized (is that a word) - and now, I have a nice creamy soup - broth made of bits of chicken and leftover bacon.  Spinach on it last leg, sweet potato fries the family decided tasted a bit weird, sweet onion (Aldi keeps me stocked with cheap onions), frozen lima beans (bought a bag about a month ago because Dr. Oz said it is really good for you), and a bunch of herbs - fresh and dried. 

Then I decided I had some excess energy - so, I went outside and weeded - I did a pretty good job since we have a picky HOA - and burned off a few calories.  Then, I dug out the hammer and cracked the pecans I found.  Let me tell you, I know why they are expenive - lots of work for little bounty.  Also, those squirrels are pretty smart - a majority were either dried out or too "green" - so, I probably got a good tablespoon for my efforts.  And we have a bit of heavy cream leftover - my daughter made buttercream frosting that called for a bit - and she made a wonderful creme brulee earlier this week - but we have about 1/2 cup left and at $5.XX per quart (she didn't find any on manager's special) - it will not go to waste.  So, I am making maple scones - a recipe I found on recipezaar shortly.  I also made a nice big salad before my artisan lettuce went bad - and since I only had a bit - I added black beans, diced tomatoes/jalapeno peppers, and feta cheese - I got a great deal on at Publix a couple of days ago.  So, I am ready to face next week - menu - wise.  I will also be cooking some turkey burgers with the scones - so, easy quick meals.  I am hoping I can get myself into walking before work - since I start an hour later - but, my lazy tendencies kicked in - and I have enjoyed sleeping in more :(

My hair appointment had to be re-scheduled at the school - so, I am going to trim my own hair and give myself a manicure shortly.

Oh, and I fnally got around to doing some paperwork - somehow, our beneficiary forms for our 401K equivalent account are no longer posted.  Somehow, they have become a bit more complicated.  Not a really big deal - because if the form is not available - the beneficiary order of precedence is what we want - but we are not sure if the beneficiary would have to go to probate first - so, we started filling them out - now they require two witnesses who are not beneficiary - so, they are filled out and we have to co-workers to witness them and fax them in tomorrow.  Also, my husband promised to fill-out the form to get our penalty back from the IRS.  They agreed that our reasoning for the underpayment this year as being a one-time event - and sent the form for us to fill out.  He swears he will fill it out.  Any cash we can get back will be great.

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