Sunday, August 26, 2012

8/26 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day:  Last night, I checked the points available on our 2 most used credit cards.  We had enough points on 1 to order a discounted $25 Barnes and Noble gift card and the other - a $22.XX statement credit.  I also looked at the bill for a credit card - 1/3 of the bill is for a $125 annual fee - I will be reducing my bill by 1/3 and that card will be terminated.  My husband, although he has cut back his Pepsi drinking by quite a bit, still likes to have 1 or 2.  So, we scoured the paper today - he is so excited to be going to CVS today.  Today, 2 ltr bottles are on sale for .99 - and are part of the buy $30 worth of items and get a $10 gas card.  So, in addition to stocking up on paper products with coupons and Pepsi - he eyed something else he needed.  He is experiencing a bit of congestion.  So, there in the ad was some Advil Decongestant - and other family of medications - and after coupons are $3.XX a piece.  So, my husband noticed that if he buys 2 - CVS will pay him $4 in ecbs.  But wait, in today's paper, there a rebate of $10 when you buy 3.  So, we found a third and better coupon - I had one $2 off instead of "just" $1 - so, he will buy 3 first with coupons and get his ecb.  Then do his $30 transaction to apply the $4.  And of course - as soon as he gets home with the receipt - I will be sending in for the $10 rebate.  I used to love rebates - but they have been few and far between.  Yesterday, I filled one out for a rebate on Lysol wipes.  They are on sale at Dollar General for $2 - and there are some coupons out for the wipes.  The school teachers are asking for donations in wipes - so, I got 1 for each teacher - and will be mailing in for that rebate also :)  Cheap price to keep the teachers happy :)

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